Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers and Card List

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Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers and Card List

The 14th of June sees the release of the eagerly awaited Modern Horizons III! This is another set that focuses on the modern format! If you're not aware of what the Modern format is, then it is a format that only allows cards from Eighth edition onwards excluding the Modern Ban List. This includes new cards that will be legal in Modern without ever being legal in Standard and is designed to satisfy the power levels of the Modern meta. Keep on reading to learn what we're excited about so far for Modern Horizons III!


Although we don't know exactly how many cards will be included in the set, we do know that it will be absolutely massive, with the cards going to at least 383! Modern Horizons 2 capped out at 490+, if you include extended art cards, so we're hoping that this instalment will have just as much to offer!

Textured Foil and Foil Etched will both be returning and the Showcase frame for this set will be the returning "Frame Break", which shows the creature jumping out over the text box and card name!


The set will also include some tongue-in-cheek allusions to some popular banned cards! 

Cultivate is reborn with Flare of Cultivation, which is a more involved version with a different cost.

Psychatog gets frogified with Psychic Frog! This version can gain the ability to fly instead of a stat boost and also has a Saboteur ability.

Finally Wastes is getting a frosty treatment with Snow-covered Wastes which adds the Snow type.

Epic Reprints

One of the big draws of the set is the return of the Allied Coloured Fetch Lands which appeared in Onslaught and Khans of Tarkir. These appear as Rares and will definitely be sought after given their versatility, not just in Modern but also Commander.

Transforming Legends

 We are also excited to see the introduction of 5 mythic creatures that transform into Planeswalkers when a certain condition is met! These conditions reflect the moment in the story that the Planeswalkers spark ignited! So far only Ajani and Tamiyo have been confirmed but we can't wait to see who will be next. We think this is the perfect melding of story and mechanics.

Commander Decks 

Strangely enough, Modern Horizons 3 does not include any Modern pre-con decks. It does however have some Commander pre-cons! This has been a controversial move, but we're sure it was one that was motivated by the massive popularity of the Commander format! We know that the locals in our Gaming Centre are very enthusiastic about Commander. The decks that have been confirmed include Graveyard Overdrive (Black, Red and Green), Tricky Terrain (Blue and Green), Creative Energy (White, Blue and Red) and Eldrazi Incursion (WUBRG). 

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