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At Total Cards, our employees often describe their experience as a dream job!

Since our inception in 2011, we've embarked on an incredible journey. What began as a one-person venture driven by a deep passion for trading cards has blossomed into a diverse hub for all things geek and nerd culture. Our team is comprised of dedicated gamers who share an unwavering love for the products we offer. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our enthusiasm and wish to join our growing family.

At our core, we are true gamers, and it's the extraordinary effort our team puts in every day that has propelled Total Cards to the remarkable success it enjoys today.

We eagerly anticipate the future and are proud of the reputation we've built for ourselves. We have not only become leaders in the hobby industry but have also revolutionized pricing models, consistently earning us the title of the most affordable retailer for several years running.

Beyond our business accomplishments, our commitment to providing the best working environment has resulted in a team that is not just content but genuinely happy. We prioritize our team's well-being and go above and beyond to ensure that you are more than just a number; you are a valued member of our Total Cards family!

The perks of working at Total Cards

Versatile Rota System

Utilise our app to streamline your shift management, effortlessly swap shifts, schedule overtime, and request holidays—all within the convenience of a single application. With our app, you can maximize flexibility in your work schedule.

Casual Dress Code

Say goodbye to discomfort and dullness. At our company, we wholeheartedly endorse a relaxed work atmosphere that prioritizes your comfort. The absence of a strict dress code is just one more reason why working with us is so appealing.

£50 Gift Voucher

After successfully completing your first six months with us, you'll also enjoy an extra £50 in your pocket. You'll receive a store credit voucher that can be used for any purchase on our website or at our physical store.

Regular Pay Reviews

We stand out from the crowd by offering a pay review system that's unlike the traditional once-a-year approach followed by many companies. At Total Cards, if you're the rockstar of your team and consistently deliver stellar performance, we're prepared to recognize and reward your efforts promptly. You won't have to wait a whole year for a pay increase – it can happen as soon as the next month. Why settle for a company that only evaluates your performance and compensation annually when you can experience the benefits of our proactive and responsive approach?

Free Secure Parking

When you choose to work with us, you won't have to worry about parking costs. We provide ample staff parking spaces, all under the vigilant watch of CCTV surveillance, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind.

Staff Discount

Once you successfully complete your probationary period with us, you'll automatically become a part of our staff discount program. This means you'll enjoy fantastic discounts on top of our already competitive prices. It's our way of showing appreciation for your dedication and contribution to our team.

Additional Holidays

After your first year of employment with us, you'll receive an extra day of holiday on top of your initial balance. And the good news doesn't stop there! With each subsequent year of continuous employment, you'll continue to accrue additional days of holiday. It's our way of recognizing your commitment and ensuring you have the time to relax and recharge.

Free Refreshments

No matter what your favorite beverage, we have a kitchen where you can help yourself to as much tea and coffee as you desire. Additionally, we provide a fridge and freezer for you to store any other foods you may want to bring with you.

Days Out

From enjoying meals out to socializing over drinks and hosting lively parties, we're a friendly and sociable bunch both within and outside of work. We relish the opportunity to bond as a team, whether it's through fun outings or engaging in exciting activities outside of the office!

High Tech Company!

We're quite passionate about technology, especially when it comes to gaming rigs. Here, every staff member receives a high-performance setup worthy of a true gamer. While these rigs are used for work, don't be intimidated by the dazzling RGB lighting and impressive clock speeds. We're devoted to providing you with the best tools for the job, ensuring you have the edge you need to excel!

Employee Referral Bonus!

If you refer someone to apply for a role with us, and they are successfully approved and pass their probation period, not only will your friend, family member, colleague, or even mythical creature receive a £50 Gift Voucher, but you will also be duly rewarded for your efforts in helping Total Cards thrive as the best it can be!

Gaming Out of Hours!

Beyond work hours, it's common to find our staff staying back and enjoying the company of their colleagues in our Gaming Centre. This is a testament to the unique camaraderie we foster, as it's not typical to see staff extending their time after work. We provide a dedicated gaming space where you can dive into your latest games or continue your ongoing DnD campaign with fellow enthusiasts.

Epic place to work!

Our team has spoken, and the verdict is in! With nearly 100% of our staff rating us as the best place they have ever worked, and countless others considering it their dream job, it's evident that we are more than just a job; we're building fulfilling careers in the hobby industry, driven by our shared passion and dedication.

Free High Street Vouchers

As if our competitive salary and staff discount weren't already fantastic perks, we take your hard work to the next level with our reward system. You'll earn high street vouchers that can be redeemed with a wide range of retailers, including but not limited to Amazon, Apple, Argos, Tesco, Deliveroo, Starbucks, and Currys. Your dedication pays off, quite literally!

Rewards System

At Total Cards, our management team values and appreciates hard work and outstanding achievements at every level. Your exceptional performance doesn't go unnoticed here. We take pride in recognizing and rewarding your dedication to our team, and these recognitions can be converted into vouchers – a tangible way of showing our gratitude for your efforts.

Diverse and Inclusive!

Our team is a diverse blend of individuals from various backgrounds, each with their unique beliefs, opinions, and perspectives on life. However, thanks to the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Total Cards, we've become one big, close-knit family. We recognize that our strength lies in the diversity of our team, and we wouldn't be who we are today without each and every member. 🖤

Vending Machines

If you're craving a sweet treat, our on-site vending machines have you covered with over 200 products to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for a healthy snack or indulging in a flapjack, chocolate bar, or more, we offer the best selection of treats. And to complement your snack, we have a fully stocked range of approximately 25 different beverages for you to choose from!

Do we need to continue...
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Below you will find the current open positions that we have here at Total Cards. Check back regularly for updates on when new positions open up as they will be listed below.

Gaming Centre - Retail Assistant

Come and be part of the Gaming Centre which is at the very heart of your local community, serving customers and helping run TCG tournaments! We have an awesome Gaming Centre where customers can come down and buy and play games all under 1 roof.

Don't see the perfect job listing?

Are you eager to join our team but don't see the perfect job listing that matches your skills and passion for all things geek? Don't worry! If you have remarkable skills and a deep love for all things geeky, we want to hear from you.

While we may not have any active job listings at the moment, you could be the missing piece we didn't even know we needed. We'd love to know what you bring to the table and how you can help us achieve greatness together. Simply fill out the form below.

Please understand that we may not respond immediately, as we receive a high volume of applications, and not all positions are actively open at all times. However, don't be discouraged! We'll reach out to you when the right opportunity arises.

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to our team at They'll be more than happy to assist you.