Our Journey

Our Journey of how we got here today.

We've grown from a single booster pack to a big business.
Yep. You read that right. Over a single booster pack at the Metro Centre here in the North East of the UK.
My mum purchased me a booster pack back in 2011. From this day it all began.
Since then, we've hit some pretty big milestones...

22 Feb 2024

Our 8th Birthday!

We celebrated our 8th birthday with a slew of deals and a £100 store credit giveaway! With 8 years in our pockets, we push forward and gear up for our exciting rebrand!

25 Dec 2023

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas in style, with our staff dressing up in their favourite Christmas Jumpers for the third year in a row!

24 Nov 2023

Our first Whatnot stream!

As part of our Black Friday celebrations, we hosted our first ever stream over on Whatnot! We were joined by a group of wonderful people who engaged with Cameron as he opened Rip 'n' Ships for customers live! We loved it so much, we did 7 more streams afterwards!

08 Nov 2023

New Site Announced!

Our team have been working hard on giving our site a much-needed facelift! We announced that we were working on the new site in November 2023, and since then we have been non-stop at the grindstone to make sure that the new site is perfect for our customers to navigate and have a positive, streamlined experience whilst shopping with us online.

31 Oct 2023

Halloween in 2023!

Once again, the team here at Total Cards dressed up for Halloween! This year we had a cowboy, a pirate, a vampire and...Santa Claus?! We can't wait to see what our staff will wear next year!

18 Aug 2023

Our first ever Lorcana Event!

With the release of Lorcana: The First Chapter, we held our first-ever tournament for this highly anticipated game in our Gaming Centre! The turnout was astounding, and the tournament ended in a draw!

21 Jul 2023

Our Gaming Centre's 2nd Birthday!

Our Gaming Centre Birthday Celebrations were a blast! We had a fun-filled week of birthday themed events, raffles, big sales all around and cake to top it off! We can't wait for what next year's celebrations have in store for us!

10 Jun 2023

We attended the Newcastle Card Show!

With a brand new card show being right on our doorstep, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend! We joined a multitude of TCG and gaming fans at the Newcastle Card Show in June and met so many of our lovely customers!

13 Apr 2023

Our DPD Options Just Expanded!

We Reduced Our DPD Express Shipping Prices And Expanded Our Cutoff Time For Last Orders To 4:15pm, Allowing For Customers To Place Orders Later In The Day And Still Get Next Day Delivery!

05 Apr 2023

1 Year Supporting Ecologi!

We're actively working towards being Climate Friendly, and it's been 1 year since we partnered with Ecologi to achieve a goal of 50K trees planted by 2030!

23 Feb 2023

We Got A New Video Setup!

For our 7th Birthday, we decided to make our content more engaging and fulfilling to watch. We took the liberty to get a whole new setup for our YouTube and TikTok content, adding a backdrop filled to the brim with nostalgic TCG goodies, a face camera, a B-Roll camera for those sweet shots of epic cards, and a whole lighting setup! We've seen engagement skyrocket since, and we can't wait to keep using this setup in creative ways!

23 Feb 2023

Total Cards Support Now Available 7 Days!

We began to offer 7 day support for our customers, eradicating the frustrations of being closed at the weekend! Previously our Support Team were only available Monday through to Friday, but we heard our customers' feedback and began to provide 7 day a week support for those who work or are otherwise busy!

22 Feb 2023

Celebrating 7 Years!

Our Website Had An Epic 7th Birthday! We Celebrated In Style With A Birthday Video From Our Affiliates Which You Can Watch Here

07 Feb 2023

DHL Joins Our Shipping Options!

A new shipping method is now available for select International Customers! Just select DHL Air Express at the checkout and fill your basket to your heart's content!

18 Jan 2023

We announced that we were stocking Lorcana!

Disney revealed their next big project: Lorcana. A new TCG entry where your favourite Disney characters would be brought to life on the playmats from your local game store! We were proud to announce that we'd be stocking this exciting new product, which also meant that we'd be having dedicated events and more upcoming!

01 Jan 2023

Happy New Year!

The Team Here At Total Cards Welcomed The New Year, And With A Plethora Of Exciting Things To Come We're Beyond Excited!

25 Dec 2022

Christmas Day!

Although we were enjoying a nice break during the Christmas holiday, our staff got out their ugliest jumpers and got together for a photo to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

09 Dec 2022

SWSH12 Vault X Collaboration

To Commemorate The Final Set In Sword And Shield, We Collaborated With Vault X Once Again To Bring You This Icy-Themed Binder!

31 Oct 2022

Halloween 2022 At Total Cards!

For Halloween, our staff dressed up once again in some iconic costumes! From Link to Gandalf, if you came down to our Gaming Centre you'd've caught one of us dressed up!

20 Oct 2022

Loyalty Quest Launch!

To Give Back To Our Customers, We Decided To Launch A Loyalty Programme Called Loyalty Quest! You Get Back Rewards For Each Spend You Have In Our Gaming Centre! Isn't That Neat?

01 Oct 2022

Introducing The Total Cards Magazine!

In October, We Decided To Minimise Our Flyer Usage And Compact Them Into A Handy Magazine Filled With New Product Announcements, Advertisements, Interviews And More!

25 Sep 2022

Our boxes became recognisable!

If you were ever eager to receive your order in the post, you'd spot it a mile off after we introduced Total Cards branding to our shipping boxes! The postie would know to take extra care of your parcels when delivering, and you'd be able to feel the excitement whilst watching out the window for that oh-so-important delivery!

10 Sep 2022

First Magic The Gathering TCG League Championship!

Due to the success of our Pokemon tournaments, we hosted our first Magic the Gathering Championship via TCG League! We had a great turnout but we had to crown our four lucky winners!

09 Sep 2022

SWSH11 Collab With Vault X!

Back By Popular Demand, We Collaborated With Vault X To Bring You SWSH11 Themed Binders In Both 9 Pocket And 12 Pocket Versions!

01 Sep 2022

Total Cards Academy Launch!

In September, we launched Academy; a program designed to bring like-minded individuals together! Bringing in new and experienced players alike, this has helped our community to grow!

21 Jul 2022

Gaming Centre's 1st Birthday

We have come since our Gaming Centre's humble beginnings in 2021. With weekly events, epic prizing and huge growth since our grand opening, we celebrated the 1st Birthday of our Gaming Centre in style!

09 Jul 2022

First TCG League Regionals

On July 9th, we hosted the first TCG League Regionals event themed around Pokemon! This opened the door for all your favourite TCGs to get the spotlight in fortnightly Regional events!

10 Jun 2022

Vault X/Total Cards Collab 2.0

You guys loved our SWSH9 Collab with Vault X, so we had to do it again! This time, two designs to represent the iconic Dialga and Palkia!

26 Mar 2022

Hosting The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifier Regional 2022!

We hosted a regional for Yu-Gi-Oh!'s World Championship Qualifier, which we'd then wish our top 8 duelists luck at the next stage!

24 Mar 2022

Introducing Klarna!

To give our customers more payment options, we brought Klarna on board! Shop now. Pay with Klarna.

22 Feb 2022

Launched Our Mystery Bundles!

We launched our Pokemon Mystery Bundles, which were super popular with our customers and inspired us to broaden our range!

22 Feb 2022

Celebrating our 6th Birthday!

6 years since Total Cards had started. From something as small as a pack, to the fantastic team of people we have shipping out your orders and teaching you TCGs in our Gaming Centre! Here's to many more!

16 Feb 2022

Vault X/Total Cards Collaboration

With the release of Brilliant Stars on the horizon, we provided you with the perfect solution to store your collection! This marked the beginning of our partnership with Vault X!

25 Dec 2021

Christmas Day!

Our staff gathered together to snap a photo of all our stunning Christmas Jumpers and to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

31 Oct 2021

Halloween 2021!

For the first time, our staff got together and dressed up in spooky costumes to celebrate Halloween!

01 Sep 2021

10,000 Reviews On Trustpilot

Just over a year since our 1K milestone on Trustpilot, we managed to hit 10K reviews with a 5* rating!

02 Aug 2021

First Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

Through lockdown we hosted Remote Duels for Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it was time to step it up and host our first in-store tournament to win an Egyptian Gods playmat!

30 Jul 2021

First Magic The Gathering Tournament

Following the lifting of lockdown and our successful Pokemon Tournament, we proceeded to host our first Friday Night Magic Tournament!

24 Jul 2021

First Pokemon Tournament

We hosted our FIRST Pokemon Tournament to win a Shining Fates ETB, and was the kickstart for more exciting events in the months to come!

21 Jul 2021

Grand Opening Of Our Gaming Centre

Since moving to the much larger space here at Unit 6, we now have the space and ability to host events.

01 Jan 2021

Moved To Unit 6

After more months of succsessful trading, we had to upgrade our warehouse space to a much larger premisis, going from 2500sq ft to now a 10,000 sq ft.

28 Jan 2020

Launched Website Version 2.0

Over the past few weeks our web team had been hard at work to bring you the new and improved website design. It's been praised and we're super happy with the results. The hard work is not completely finished we're constantly making improvements which will be added over the coming weeks and months.

01 Sep 2019

Moved To Unit 20

As Total Cards continues to grow and expand we needed a much larger premises to continue trading and providing the very best service.

12 Jul 2019

1,000 Reviews On Trustpilot

We hit our first big milestone on Trustpilot with 1,000 reviews! Taking on board feedback from customers and improving pushed us forward and allowed us to grow into who we are today!

14 Mar 2018

Moved To Unit 16

We moved our operations to Newton Aycliffe to better serve our local community and for our growing business demands.

07 Feb 2018

Affiliate Program Launched

We opened the door to welcome Affiliates to earn cash with us.

03 Nov 2017

Victoria Joined Total Cards

Our Team expanded when Victoria joined, who is now our Director & CEO!

22 Feb 2016

TotalCards.Net Founded

On this day TotalCards.net was launched, opening to the public selling Pokemon cards only.

01 Jan 2012

Selling Small On Ebay

During the very early days, Adrian began selling cards on eBay to help make money for future purchases. His aim was to complete his personal Pokemon collection, and this was the very early stages of what would become Total Cards.

01 Sep 2011

From A Single Pack Of Cards

On this day the journey began on what would come to be the making of Total Cards.