Single Cards Policy

Here, you will find all the information required regarding the sale of Single Cards on our site.

  1. Card Storage And Handling
    1. We store all cards in a controlled environment that keeps them out the way of damages and deterioration.
    2. Cards are labelled as pack fresh which within the industry is acknowledged as mint/near mint....
    3. Cards that don't meet the high standards are labelled accordingly...
    4. All cards that have a foil effect are sleeved whilst in storage. Any card that does not fit the foil criteria but is still over the value of ₤1 will still be sleeved whilst in storage.
    5. All cards are handled with utmost care regardless of value...
    6. All cards are checked for quality and imperfections however in rare circumstances this may be missed due to human error, in the event all cards over the value of ₤10 will be sent in a security sealed top-loader. This ensures that the quality checks on our behalf has been carried out, if you do find that a card is not up to this standard please refrain from removing the card from the top-loader and voiding the security seal.
      1. Any card removed from the security-protected top-loader is void from any warranties
      2. For any card due to being returned to us the card must still be stored in the same top-loader it was sent to you in and also protected by the un-tampered security seal. This tape is to prevent any foul play that may be done to a Single Cards order. Once this tape has been broken or removed, we cannot accept a return for the card.
  2. Security Protected Top-Loader
    1. We caution customers to carefully inspect the card before removing it from its packaging to ensure the card is correct. All our cards do come straight out of the pack as shown on our YouTube Channel or from bulk submissions from customers and will be labelled with their condition. For brand new cards there should not be any whiting around the edges or damage to the card. If you think you may have got a card with damage, please let our support team know and they will be able to look into this with the investigations team and advise you of what the next steps are.