Refer a Friend Discount

Outlined on this page are the terms for our Gaming Centre promotion of 'Referring a Friend'.

We will refer to you as the existing customer in the following terms ‘You’, ‘Yourself’.

For reference to the ‘Friend’ in connection to this promotion, in the terms below, they will be referred to as ‘Friend’.

  1. Qualifying For The Discount
    1. For any qualifying purchase, you must already be a customer and can not participate in the promotion on the same day you create an account.
    2. The discount will not be honored if you opt to participate in the promotion on the creation date of your account. Any day after this date will be deemed satisfactory and will then qualify both you and your friend for the discount.
    3. We have a current ongoing promotion of a discount that enables an existing customer to introduce a friend to Total Cards in the form of a purchase. As a result of the purchase from the new customer, both yourself and Friend will:
      1. New customer will receive a 5% discount.
      2. You will then be eligible to receive 5% off a purchase made within 30 mins of the new customer completing their purchase.
    4. To be eligible for the discount to both individuals you must have already made a purchase and creating the account is not sufficient criteria an order from a previous day must be present on the account.
  2. Discount
    1. No other discount can be used in conjunction with the 5% Refer a Friend promotion.
    2. We do allow customers to earn a stamp from the Loyalty Quest Card when participating in the Refer a Friend promotion.
    3. A maximum of 5% will be applied to the qualifiying purchase.
  3. Friend Criteria
    1. A Friend is not necessary a "Friend", it can consist of any kind of acquaintance or even a family member. Providing the previous conditions set out in the policy in section 1 are satisfied.
    2. Staff are eligible to introduce customers to Total Cards and participate in the promotion.
  4. Disclaimer
    1. Total Cards has the final decision on what the outcome will be in regard to this promotion and its redemption in our Gaming Centres. In any particular situation that is deemed deceptive and not a genuine referral, we reserve the right to refuse the promotion without any prior warning.
    2. In circumstances when the basic intentions of either party obtaining the 5% discount with no prior knowledge of knowing each other, will result in possible refusal of this promotion. We have the full right to refuse access to the promotion at any time. Although nothing will be required for us to validate such suspicions we reserve the right to withdraw any individuals from the promotion if we believe they have acted dishonestly for the sole purpose of accessing the promotion.
    3. If we suspend your eligibility to participate in this promotion we reserve the right to refuse any access to this promotion indefinitely.
    4. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion with no prior notice, although this extreme outcome is unlikely we will endeavor to provide as much notice to all customers in the event that this promotion is being terminated.