Loyalty Quest Policy

Visiting our Gaming Centre offers you the opportunity to earn Loyalty stamps. You can view the Loyalty Quest page and find out what you can earn with your stamps.

We will refer to you as the customer in the following terms ‘You’, ‘Yourself’.

  1. Qualifying For A Loyalty Quest Card
    1. If you spend over £25 you will be offered our Loyalty Card along with your purchase. The card has no monetary value and can not be exchanged for anything, other than to hand the card over to a member of staff to be stamped upon a qualifying purchase.
    2. After your qualifying purchase the card will be issued to you and you only, we will note your email down on the Loyalty Card.
    3. The Card has to be presented by the cardholder when earning stamps and can not be used by anyone other than the cardholder whose name is noted on the account, we will look up the named account holder via the email written on the card.
    4. Once your membership card has been issued we have no way of changing the email address on the card, changing the email would require you to forfeit the current loyalty card. This will also require you to start a new card, by making a purchase for over £25.
    5. If when issuing a stamp to your card, we are unable to locate your account, as you have changed your email account via your dashboard we again will be unable to issue any more stamps. You will be required to change your email back on your account to continue using the current Loyalty Card.
    6. Any damage to your Loyalty Quest card may result in your card becoming void and possibly being seized by staff due to the poor condition of your card. This may be due to the poor condition of your card that we can no longer validate your stamps and verify that you have indeed genuinely earned the stamps recorded on your card.
  2. Free Pack
    1. We will offer you a choice of brands from which a free pack will be given, we are unable to take specific requests for certain TCG's that we do not stock for this promotion.
    2. We're also unable to specify which set you will receive from your chosen brand, this is due to the constantly changing stock levels available.
    3. We are unable to swap packs once the pack has been handed over to you.
    4. Once you have completed 5 stamps, only then will you be eligible to redeem a free pack.
    5. The pack you receive will also not be eligible for any exchange.
  3. Free Event
    1. Once you have completed all 10 stamps you will then be eligible to redeem your Loylaty Quest card against an instore Gaming Centre event priced at £6.95 or less.
  4. Disclaimer
    1. Total Cards has full discretion, and the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation that is deemed deceptive and not a genuine stamp redemption. With the basic intention of obtaining a discount or benefit mentioned on the voucher with prior knowledge. Although nothing will be required for us to validate such suspicions we reserve the right to withdraw any individuals from the promotion if we believe they have tried to abuse the promotion.
    2. If we suspend your eligibility to participate in this promotion we reserve the right to refuse any future promotions indefinitely.
    3. If you do happen to lose your card, or a lost card is returned to us. We will store your card in our Lost Property and will remain there until your card is collected. You will have to enquire with us as we will be unable to contact you if your card is handed over to our staff. Please see our Gaming Center Policy for queries relating to lost property.