Magic The Gathering - Dragons Maze - Booster Box

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Magic The Gathering - Dragons Maze - Booster Box

MTG Dragons Maze - Booster Box

Dragon's Maze is a Magic The Gathering expansion set that was released on May 3, 2013. It is the third set of the Return to Ravnica block and contains 156 cards. All ten guilds of Ravnica are included in the set. As in the original Ravnica block, Dragon's Maze focuses on multi-color cards. The set also marks the culmination of the Izzet League's research into the depths of Ravnica, the eponymous Dragon's Maze -- A path that treads all 10 guild gates in order to find and activate an energy source of immense power which is enough to subjugate and control all of the guilds. The Izzet propose a challenge in which each guild selects a champion in order to navigate and conquer the maze and subsequently the other guilds. Each Champion will have to traverse the maze, and they will have to deal with other guild's attempts to halt their advance.

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NameMagic The Gathering - Dragons Maze - Booster Box
VendorMagic The Gathering
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