Pokemon - VMAX Dragons Premium Collection


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Pokemon - VMAX Dragons Premium Collection

Unlock the full potential of your Pokemon team with the Pokemon - VMAX Dragons Premium Collection. Featuring reversable design with Rayquaza and Duraludon, this collection is unique in the fact it is basically 2 collection boxes in 1! 

Unleash the power of legendary dragons with the Pokemon VMAX Dragons Premium Collection. This premium collection features powerful VMAX Pokemon cards that showcase stunning artwork and amazing abilities. Expand your collection and dominate the battlefield with these rare and coveted cards.

The Pokémon TCG: VMAX Dragons Premium Collection includes:

  • 2 etched foil cards featuring Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX
  • 2 foil cards featuring Rayquaza V and Duraludon V
  • 2 foil oversize cards featuring Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX
  • 11 Pokémon TCG booster packs
  • A code card usable in either the Pokémon TCG Online or Pokémon TCG Live
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Pokemon - VMAX Dragons Premium Collection
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pokemon Collection Box?

A Pokemon Collection Box is a special trading card product that includes a variety of items such as promotional cards, booster packs, oversized cards, and sometimes additional themed accessories.

What can I expect to find in a typical Pokemon Collection Box?

Most Pokemon Collection Boxes contain a selection of promotional cards, several booster packs, an oversized card, and sometimes additional items like coins, playmats, or display stands.

Where can I buy Pokemon Collection Boxes?

Pokemon Collection Boxes are available for purchase on our website, as well as from our Gaming Centre.

Are Pokemon Collection Boxes available for pre-order?

Yes, Pokemon Collection Boxes for upcoming releases are often available for pre-order. Pre-ordering ensures you receive the product as soon as it is released.

Are the cards in a Pokemon Collection Box random?

The promotional cards in a Collection Box are fixed, but the booster packs contain random cards from the specified set or sets.

Are Pokemon Collection Boxes suitable for beginners?

Yes, Pokemon Collection Boxes are a great way for beginners to start their collection, offering a mix of cards and additional items to enhance their trading card experience.

Can I get exclusive cards in a Pokemon Collection Box?

Yes, Pokemon Collection Boxes often include exclusive promotional cards that are not available in regular booster packs.

How can I store my Pokemon cards?

To protect your cards, consider using Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, and Storage Binders. Proper storage helps maintain the condition and value of your cards.

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