Dragon Ball Fusion World VS Masters Series

Dragon Ball Super February 19, 2024 - 02:00 PM 1 Comments Matt Farmer
Dragon Ball Fusion World VS Masters Series

The Dragon Ball card game is evolving! We are seeing some changes and overhaul to the system and mechanics behind one of our favourite TCGs! In recent years, the Dragon Ball Super TCG has been expanded to include a myriad of new mechanics, which has increased the complexity of the game. Whilst this may have made a larger and more exciting game for its collection of current players, it can be difficult for newer players to adapt to the large amount of mechanics. This is why the game is essentially being rebooted with a simpler game design. The game will be called Dragon Ball Card Game and has a subtitle of Fusion World!

New Fusion World Cards

The new Fusion World is broadly based on the rules of the existing DBSCG, but has been redesigned to be a more intuitive and enjoyable TCG. Just like before, the game is played with 1 leader card and a deck constructed with 50 to 60 battle and extra cards. Once the leader card has met the requirements needed (when the leader's life is halved) , it will flip over and be awakened, accelerating their ability to fight in a tight situation (does this sound familiar?). Another confirmed mechanic is called Combo which allows Leaders and friends to combine powers to deliver a final blow to an enemy.

The Game is essentially a simplified version of Masters with some newer mechanics to attract newer players to the game whilst maintaining the skill level for current/existing players. New cards have been redesigned with refined information to match the new game design and because of this simplicity players can't use Fusion World cards to play Masters. We hope that the lower entry barrier will mean newer players have less of a hard time getting straight into the game, which will lead to more players wanting to play Masters for a more complex challenge!

Bandai will continue to develop Masters "into 2024 and Beyond" so current players who are put off by the release of Fusion World have little to no worry about the current series dying. If you are looking to switch to Fusion World (or you are a new player), then keep in that it will release both digitally and physically across the world, not just in Japan, which opens up an avenue for so many more players to join!

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Your blog always provides a refreshing perspective. I appreciate the depth and effort you put into each post. Keep inspiring us!