Insecta - The Ladies of Entomology

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Releases on 28th October, 2022
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Insecta - The Ladies of Entomology

We have known the history and travels of great naturalists (Darwin, Humboldt), but the work of many women remains unrecognized. At a time and faced with obstacles that seemed insurmountable for being women, they were brave, irreducible and tenacious in their passion for insects.

Insecta is a tribute to entomology and these women. As an entomologist, you will compete with other players to collect the most beautiful and interesting collection of insects in the world.

On each turn you can choose two insect or target cards to get the most points. Each entomologist or traveler will show and facilitate some of these objectives according to the order of the insects and the places where they are in the world.

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Insecta - The Ladies of Entomology
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