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You - Superpowered

A mysterious meteorite has given YOU and your closest friends and family members amazing new gifts: SUPERPOWERS!

Together, you have all agreed to move to Superb City to fight crime and protect its citizens under the new Superhero Code. Using your newfound superpowers, nearby objects, and your real-life knowledge and creativity, you and your team of aspiring superheroes must work together to avert crises and keep Superb City safe!

But beware...with super powers come super corruptibility. Some on your team may just be biding their time before they reveal their true sinister selves. Be mindful of those closest to you who know all your deepest fears and weaknesses; they just might use those secrets against you…


  • Heroes: Avert Crises during the Missions Phase, and identify hidden Villains AND their Secret Weaknesses during the Endgame Phase.
  • Villains: Sabotage and prevent Heroes from averting Crises during the Missions Phase, and determine the identity of the Undercover Hero and reveal all the Heroes' Secret Weaknesses during the Endgame Phase.
  • The Rogue: Help the Heroes win the game but do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be the Hero with the most Popularity Points at the end.
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You - Superpowered
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Living Card Game (LCG)?

A Living Card Game (LCG) is a type of collectible card game where new cards are released in a regular and non-randomized manner. Unlike traditional collectible card games, LCGs offer fixed content expansions, making it easier for players to collect all the cards without the need for blind purchases.

How do Living Card Games (LCGs) differ from traditional collectible card games (CCGs)?

Living Card Games differ from traditional collectible card games in that they release cards in fixed sets rather than randomized booster packs. This ensures that players know exactly what they are getting in each expansion, making it easier to complete collections and build decks.

What is included in a typical Living Card Game expansion pack?

A typical Living Card Game expansion pack includes a fixed set of cards designed to expand and enhance the base game. These packs often include new heroes, villains, quests, and additional gameplay elements, depending on the specific LCG.

How often are new expansions released for Living Card Games?

New expansions for Living Card Games are typically released on a regular schedule, often monthly or quarterly. This consistent release schedule keeps the game fresh and allows players to continuously expand their collections and strategies.

Can I mix and match expansions from different Living Card Games?

No, expansions for Living Card Games are designed to be used with their specific base game. Each LCG has its own unique mechanics, themes, and storylines, so mixing expansions from different games would not be compatible.

Are Living Card Games suitable for beginners?

Yes, Living Card Games are suitable for beginners. The fixed content nature of LCGs makes it easier for new players to understand what they are buying and how to build their collections. Many LCGs also offer introductory sets or starter packs designed to help new players learn the game.

Where can I buy Living Card Games and their expansions?

Living Card Games and their expansions can be purchased from specialty game stores, hobby shops, and online retailers, here is a few of the ones we have. These products are often available both as individual expansions and as part of larger bundles or collections.

Do Living Card Games require a lot of deck-building knowledge?

Living Card Games often involve deck-building, but many offer pre-constructed decks or starter guides to help new players get started. As players become more familiar with the game, they can explore more advanced deck-building strategies.

Are there competitive tournaments for Living Card Games?

Yes, many Living Card Games have organized play events and competitive tournaments. These events provide opportunities for players to compete against each other, showcase their deck-building skills, and earn prizes or recognition within the community.

Can Living Card Games be played solo or cooperatively?

Yes, many Living Card Games are designed to be played solo or cooperatively, allowing players to team up against the game itself. This flexibility makes LCGs a great choice for players who enjoy both solo and multiplayer experiences.

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