WW2 Quartermaster General - Total War

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WW2 Quartermaster General - Total War

Total War is the first expansion for the second edition of Quartermaster General, that provides players with a great number of new playing options, without dramatically increasing the play time.

Among these new game features, the most important is the introduction of Air Forces that brings a whole new dimension to the conflict. Air Forces help the players to defend Armies and Navies in the same space, or to attack adjacent Air Forces in battle.

Another new key feature is the presence of new forces: Chinese and French forces, that enlarge and change the opening setup, introducing many new strategies.

A new tactical element is introduced into the game through Bolster cards, a new type of cards that are played directly from the hand as reactions to game play.

“Last but not least”, the introduction of new alternate “what if” cards, that represent historical strategies that were considered but never executed, as Operation Sea Lion, the invasion of Britain.

With these important changes the game is still simple to learn and quick to setup, but the new features of this expansion set increase the fun and ensure greater replayability!

  • Rulebook
  • 165 cards
  • 5 wooden Army pieces
  • 2 wooden Navy pieces
  • 13 wooden Air Force pieces
  • 5 markers

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You must own a copy of Quartermaster General WW2 to play.

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WW2 Quartermaster General - Total War
Ares Games
Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can play WW2 Quartermaster General Total War

WW2 Quartermaster General Total War is designed to be flexible in terms of player capacity. It is recommended for 2 to 6 players. This range allows for a variety of gameplay experiences:

  • 2 Players: Enjoy a strategic and intense one-on-one duel where every move counts.
  • 3-6 Players: Experience a more dynamic game with increased interaction, alliances, and diverse strategies.

This flexibility makes WW2 Quartermaster General Total War suitable for different occasions, whether you are looking for a quiet game night with a single friend or a more social and interactive session with a small group.

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