Root - Underworld Hirelings Pack

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Root - Underworld Hirelings Pack

Need allies? Just dig out a gold coin! Discover unique strategies and make the Woodland wilder by adding hirelings. Best with fewer players, great with more!Hirelings can be added to games at any player count. With fewer players, the hirelings add new pieces to the map, ramping up the tension and giving you more tactical options. With more players, some hireling cards will flip over to reveal new special abilities to gain, letting you explore unique and powerful strategies.

This is an expansion. The Root board game is required to play.

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Root - Underworld Hirelings Pack
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can play Root Underworld Hirelings Pack

Root Underworld Hirelings Pack is designed to be flexible in terms of player capacity. It is recommended for 2 to 6 players. This range allows for a variety of gameplay experiences:

  • 2 Players: Enjoy a strategic and intense one-on-one duel where every move counts.
  • 3-6 Players: Experience a more dynamic game with increased interaction, alliances, and diverse strategies.

This flexibility makes Root Underworld Hirelings Pack suitable for different occasions, whether you are looking for a quiet game night with a single friend or a more social and interactive session with a small group.

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