John Avon Art - Omnia Linquens - Playmat

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John Avon Art - Omnia Linquens - Playmat

John Avon is renowned as one of Magic: the Gathering greatest artists. Since he first painted for the game 18 years ago John has become synonymous with some of the most beautiful and iconic images enjoyed by players. John`s appeal is international, with over 18,000 fans on Facebook and a huge clamour for his attendance at GPs all around the world, these playmats were specifically requested by the community and we are thrilled to bring them to the market. The series will build on themes af adventure, intrigue, mystery and awe as we journey from one location to antoher, always featurung John`s trademark emotive, ethereal beauty and stunning use of light and colour. Manufactured and printed to the highest quality, these exclusaive playmats will be released worldwide

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NameJohn Avon Art - Omnia Linquens - Playmat
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