Hinged Plastic Storage Box (15)

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Hinged Plastic Storage Box (15)

These are perfect for all your trading cards, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Match Attax, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, Magic The Gathering, Adrenalyn XL, Moshi, Club Pengiun.

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Hinged Plastic Storage Box (15)
Ultra Pro
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a card holder/display?

A card holder or display is a protective case designed to store and showcase collectible cards. They are used to preserve the condition of the cards and display them attractively. Card holders come in various forms, including magnetic holders, top loaders, and screw-down cases.

What types of card holders are available?

Card holders come in several types, such as magnetic holders, top loaders, one-touch holders, and screw-down holders. Each type offers different levels of protection and ease of access. Magnetic holders, for instance, provide a secure closure with easy access, while screw-down holders offer maximum protection.

Why should I use a card holder/display?

Using a card holder/display helps protect your collectible cards from physical damage, dust, UV light, and moisture. They also enhance the presentation of your cards, making them easier to display and enjoy. Proper storage can significantly maintain and even increase the value of your collection.

How do I choose the right card holder/display for my cards?

Choosing the right card holder/display depends on the size and thickness of your cards, the level of protection needed, and how you intend to display them. Consider factors such as UV protection, ease of access, and material quality. For high-value cards, premium holders with additional features like UV protection and tamper-evident seals are recommended.

Can I use card holders/displays for other collectibles?

Yes, card holders/displays can be used for various types of collectibles such as sports cards, gaming cards, postcards, and even photos. They provide a versatile storage and display solution for items that are similar in size and require protection.

How do I maintain and clean my card holders/displays?

To maintain and clean your card holders/displays, regularly dust them with a soft, dry cloth. For more thorough cleaning, use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth to wipe the surface. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that could damage the holder or the card inside.

Where can I buy card holders/displays?

You can buy card holders/displays from our very own store, we carry many of the big name brands like Ultra Pro, Kanto Forge, Vault X and even TCG specific ones from Cardfight!! Vanguard and Pokemon. If you are local you can always come down to the Gaming Centre and check them out in person

What should I do if my card holder/display is damaged?

If your card holder/display is damaged, it's best to replace it immediately to ensure the continued protection of your cards. Damaged holders can compromise the safety and presentation of your cards, increasing the risk of damage. Always check your holders regularly and replace them as needed.

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