DragonBall Super Card Game - Expansion Set BE15

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DragonBall Super Card Game - Expansion Set BE15

Set content:

  • UW2 booster pack ×3 packs
  • New cards ×10 cards (10 new cards : 5 types×2 cards)

*All Holo ver.

  • Official Dice ×1 piece
Additional information
DragonBall Super Card Game - Expansion Set BE15
Dragon Ball
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expansion set?

An expansion set is additional content released for a card game, board game, or similar product. It typically introduces new cards, characters, rules, or gameplay mechanics that expand the original game experience.

How do expansion sets enhance gameplay?

Expansion sets introduce new elements that can deepen strategy, introduce new challenges, and provide fresh content for players. They often include new scenarios, abilities, or interactions that add complexity and variety to the base game.

Are expansion sets compatible with the base game?

Yes, expansion sets are designed to be compatible with the base game they expand upon. They typically integrate seamlessly with existing components and rules, allowing players to combine new and old content for a richer gaming experience.

How often are expansion sets released?

The release schedule for expansion sets varies depending on the game and its publisher. Some games release expansions annually, quarterly, or as needed to maintain player interest and evolve the game's narrative or mechanics.

Where can I buy expansion sets?

You can buy expansion sets here or here or if you are local you can pick them up from our awesome Gaming Centre.

How do I know if an expansion set is right for my game?

Consider the theme, mechanics, and player feedback when deciding on an expansion set for your game. Look for reviews, previews, and forums where players discuss the expansion's impact on gameplay and whether it aligns with your preferences and playstyle.

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