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⭐ Frequently Asked Questions ⭐

What is the latest Pokémon Set?

As new sets are released every few months we have a detailed sets guide which you can see every new Pokémon set ever released. Including upcoming sets from the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet series.

What are Pokemon Cards?

Pokemon cards are collectable trading cards based on the popular Pokemon franchise, beloved by fans worldwide. Introduced in 1996 by Nintendo, these cards feature a variety of Pokemon characters, each with unique attributes, abilities, and artwork. Players use Pokemon cards to battle against each other in a strategic game, aiming to become the ultimate Pokemon master. The collection includes different types of cards such as Pokemon, Trainer, and Energy cards, each serving a specific purpose in gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, Pokemon cards offer endless excitement, strategic challenges, and the joy of discovering rare and valuable editions. Dive into the world of Pokemon cards and start building your own deck today!

Are Pokemon cards worth anything?

We advise viewing our single cards collection and seeing how much Pokemon cards are worth on our website giving you the best guide on the value of Pokemon cards. From the most expensive to the cheapest you can view all the prices on old and new cards.