Lorcana - Into the Inklands - Gift Set


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Lorcana - Into the Inklands - Gift Set

Stand out among competitors with this gift set! Featuring foil cards of Stitch and Tinker Bell, this set offers new opportunities for your decks. The oversized foil versions are perfect for both collecting and displaying. STITCH - COVERT AGENT This enigmatic secret agent enjoys a peaceful vacation...or does he? His ability to blend in makes him nearly impossible to track down once he's been noticed. TINKER BELL - VERY CLEVER FAIRY This ingenious fairy keeps you moving as you navigate through the Inklands! With a combination of hard work and pixie dust, she knows how to make the most of your resources, even the ones that seem lost or broken. In addition, you'll receive 4 booster packs and tracker tokens featuring Stitch and Tinker Bell designs. Remember, each player must have their own Disney Lorcana deck containing at least 60 cards in order to play.

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Lorcana - Into the Inklands - Gift Set
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lorcana Gift Set?

A Lorcana Gift Set is a special package that includes various Lorcana trading cards and exclusive items. These sets are designed to offer unique collectibles and enhance the gameplay experience for Lorcana enthusiasts.

What items are typically included in a Lorcana Gift Set?

Lorcana Gift Sets typically include exclusive cards, booster packs, collectible pins, playmats, and other themed accessories. The specific contents can vary depending on the set, providing a range of items to enhance your collection.

Are the cards in Lorcana Gift Sets exclusive?

Yes, many cards in Lorcana Gift Sets are exclusive and cannot be found in standard booster packs. These exclusive cards often feature unique artwork and special abilities, making them highly sought after by collectors.

How can I purchase a Lorcana Gift Set?

Lorcana Gift Sets can be purchased from here, or from our very own Gaming Centre.

Are Lorcana Gift Sets suitable for beginners?

Yes, Lorcana Gift Sets are suitable for beginners as they provide a curated selection of cards and accessories to get started with the game. These sets can help new players build their first deck and become familiar with the Lorcana universe.

Can I use Lorcana Gift Set cards in official tournaments?

Yes, cards from Lorcana Gift Sets can be used in official tournaments as long as they comply with the tournament rules and format. These cards are fully functional and can enhance your competitive play.

Are there different themes for Lorcana Gift Sets?

Yes, Lorcana Gift Sets often come in different themes, each centered around specific characters, storylines, or elements from the Lorcana universe. These themed sets provide a unique experience and allow collectors to focus on their favorite aspects of the game.

Do Lorcana Gift Sets make good gifts for fans?

Absolutely! Lorcana Gift Sets make excellent gifts for fans of the game. They offer exclusive items and cards that any collector or player would appreciate. The themed packaging and unique contents make them a special present for any occasion.

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