Pokemon - Black & White - Boundaries Crossed - 3 Pack Blister - Haxorus Promo

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Pokemon - Black & White - Boundaries Crossed - 3 Pack Blister - Haxorus Promo

Boundaries Crossed - Haxorus 3-Pack Blister

Each sealed blister includes 3 booster packs all containing 1 online code card to use in the TCG Online.

  • 6 Brand-New EX & full Art Pokemon!
  • More Dragon-type Pokemon!
  • Over 150!! Cards in Boundaries Crossed.
  • 4 powerful, never-before-seen ACE SPEC cards with unique game-mechanic and card design!
  • New Pokemon, new Forms, new Trainers, and new Locations.
  • Released Nov 7th 2012.

Enter the next dimension of your journey into battle with the Pokemon TCG: Black & White—Boundaries Crossed expansion! This Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 video game-themed expansion includes a powerful mix of new Pokemon-EX, such as the Boundary Pokemon Black Kyurem-EX and White Kyurem-EX, along with Celebi-EX, Cresselia-EX, Landorus-EX, and Keldeo-EX; and features new forms, new Trainers, and new locations to enhance your deck!

Black & White—Boundaries Crossed also introduces four never-before-seen ACE SPEC cards that are so incredibly powerful, players can only carry one into battle! Some ACE SPEC cards found in the expansion have a unique game-mechanic that only works when attached to a specific Pokemon such as Black Kyurem-EX or White Kyurem-EX. ACE SPEC cards also feature a unique card face with a tinsel foil.

We have official confirmation that the card featured in this 3 Pack blister will be a haxorus, but we have no specific details regarding the expansion it's from.

Remember any items purchased from this set will not be dispatched until everything is in-stock from our suppliers on November 7th. If you require other items urgently please consider placing 2 separate orders.

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Pokemon - Black & White - Boundaries Crossed - 3 Pack Blister - Haxorus Promo
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